Breast thermography is a way of monitoring breast health over a period of time. Your breasts have an individual thermographic pattern, very much like a fingerprint. With continued breast health, your thermal patterns will remain stable and comparable with the baseline. All future thermal studies are compared to the initial breast study. Any thermal changes that develop over time are indications for further investigation.  An abnormal thermogram  is not an indication of cancer. It is an indication of risk!

Infrared thermal imaging determines if abnormal or asymmetric thermal patterns, consistent with abnormal physiology, are detectable in the breast tissue. This procedure is used as an adjunctive diagnostic procedure (in addition to structural tests, not in place of those tests). Thermal imaging is an ideal marker to indicate your level of RISK for breast cancer and also can assist as an indicator of “activity” if a known cancer is present.  The higher the temperature -- the greater the cellular activity.

Asymmetric thermal patterns in the breast can be indicators of abnormal physiology. The treating physician must correlate abnormal findings, with additional diagnostic tools such as blood testing, mammography, ultrasound and/or biopsy before a final diagnosis can be made.  The results of this procedure provide physiologic data only and are not intended to be used as a stand-alone procedure nor without clinical correlation. Infrared Imaging does not detect all breast pathology.

Initial studies: Abnormal scans on your first thermogram are determined by temperature and patterns.  Patterns can be quite complex and your report may recommend that mammography or ultrasound be done, to reassure you during the time we are establishing your baseline pattern.  Follow-up thermal studies are done to look for changes in temperature or pattern.  The changes determine your RISK or PROGNOSTIC value.

Insurance Reimbursment  At this time,  insurance companies do not reimburse for Breast Thermography. ITI does not submit insurance claims.

Non Invasive Testing for Breast Health