Have You Considered Offering Infrared Imaging Clinical Thermography in your office?  

Then consider ITI-On-SITE for cost-effective service implementation.

Contribute to your bottom line. 

Non-contact – Non-invasive Thermal Imaging 
(Clinical Thermography) is a service that can provide valuable physiological information that will contribute to your diagnosis, as well as provide an additional service that is in-demand by patients.

Offering a new service in your clinic -- who will you train?

To offer these services your staff must be competent all aspects of clinical application. This starts with marketing the service to your clients and follows through with proper implementation (scanning procedures) for medically accepted clinical results.

Staff competence is key to providing a cash service that patients will continue to use.  Why purchase a costly system that provides no return on investment or sits in closet because the only one trained to operate the system is on vacation or worse yet – no longer employed by you?

Many practitioners want multiple staff members who are competent in service delivery.  This will ensure services can be offered regardless of staffing rotation.  How will you decide who is trained? And how many can you afford to train? Is that person then capable of training other staff so service delivery is consistent and delivered appropriately? Off-site training is difficult to apply in YOUR office setting once the class is over.

Off-site training, offered by many thermographic organizations or Infrared System resellers, requires you invest in both costly travel and additional expenses due to staff absenteeism. By contracting with ITI On-Site, more staff can be trained for less cost.  Additionally, ITI On-Site ensures this service can be seamlessly integrated into your current office procedures.     

 We assess your current office routine and help staff integrate new services for your patients - more easily and with less stress - and ensure your office follows clinically –accepted guidelines.

       ITI can provide on-going consultation to answer those day-to-day questions that occur when offering new services with new technology.

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